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Confident Cyber Tech Solutions Services & Support Overview

Confident Cyber Tech Solutions offers a wide variety of products for our clients from basic IT to cloud storage and computing. Make sure to contact us today to get a customized quote for any service or solution we can provide for you. If it’s not listed below be sure to still reach out and we will try our best to meet your needs.


Managed IT Services

Proactively maintain your IT infrastructure 24/7/365 with leading edge Monitoring and Maintenance Tools.

Security services

Keep your systems and data secure with advanced security tools to ensure your business stays up and running.

COMPLIANCE Assurance & assessment

Housing individuals important and personal information? (PII/PHI/PCI) Keep up to date on the latest policies and make sure your business is compliant.

Risk Assessment

With heightened risk to cyber threat actors, understand the risk your business has.

Incident Response

Has your business recently been a victim of a cyber incident? Leave it up to CCTS to assist in all stages of the incident response.

Web hosting

Not tech Savvy? Need a business website or a blog? For a very low monthly rate CCTS can help you out!

Web email & Security

Need an email with your business’s domain in it? Stop here and look at how we can help!

Business Services

Need to set up your employees for telework? CCTS can provide the best solution for your business to stay productive from home or in the office.

cloud backup & recovery

Storing critical company data? Need to protect archived records?

Hardware Services

Having trouble staying up to date with your business’s computers? Need to upgrade your businesses computers or networking equipment?

Microsoft 365 Tenant management

Need help securing and managing your tenant? Looking for M365 licensing?

Managed IT Services

  • Have you ever walked into the office Monday morning and your computer is not working? Or you cannot print to the shared printer anymore? Rest assured Confident Cyber Tech Solutions can ensure your IT infrastructure is operating at its greatest capacity 24/7/365. Additional to monitoring, CCTS can provide individualized services to captivate the needs of all our customers. From consulting to on-site installations CCTS has the knowledge and expertise

Security Services

  • From your desktop to the years of archived company data, Confident Cyber Tech Solutions can provide Industry Leading Security. Utilizing leading edge software and cloud services, CCTS has your back securing each computer, server, and network device. Incorporating customized policies for each industry type, your business’ systems and data will be secure and compliant.
    CCTS provides a zero-trust solution to ensure that only specifically allowed actions can be performed on any system. Ensure that your systems are protected even when the user is not present.

Have the need to protect your employees from clicking a bad link?

CCTS provides employee training and can help manage your business’ enterprise email solution.

Compliance Assurance & Assesment

  • Are you unsure if your businesses systems are compliant with industry standards? Confident Cyber Tech Solutions will provide your business a courtesy Compliance Assessment free of charge!


  • CCTS is well versed in the different industry-specific compliance standards. From health care to financial institutions, ensure your business’ and client’s data is secure to the highest standards.

Risk Assessment

  • Confident Cyber Tech Solutions provides a comprehensive risk assessment to ensure all aspects of your organization infrastructure is surveyed. The assessment will include a list of findings and possible solutions to fix or mitigate them.  Assessing your business risk to cyber intrusion is crucial in protecting your companies repertoire and assets.

Incident Response

  • Confident Cyber Tech Solutions is standing by 24/7/365 to act whenever a business may need it. If you think your business’ systems may be compromised or are under an active cyber threat call CCTS right away. CCTS will assess the situation and, with their expertise in cyber incident handling, will ensure you business is back up and running in no time!

Web Hosting

  • Confident Cyber Tech Solutions provides state of the art web hosting and assistance. Tell us what you are looking for and we will help you build the best solution for your application. Whether you are a business or an individual we can ensure you will be taken care of.


  • Not a designer? With CCTS you can be worry free of the entire website build process. We have designers and engineers ready to build you a leading-edge website.


  • Already have a website? CCTS can take over the operations & maintenance of your current website to ensure that is stays up and running. Depending on the customer’s wishes we can also offer solutions to help migrate your site to something that is tailored more for your business or industry.

Web Email & Security

  • Confident Cyber Tech Solutions can get your business’s email set-up in minutes. Our enterprise email solution is based in Amazon Web Services and available from anywhere. This solution allows you to have a company email, calendar, and keep a global address book at an extraordinary low price. We will get you set-up and monitor your email so you are worry-free.


  • Already have a company email solution? CCTS has experience in dealing with a variety of enterprise email platforms. Leave it to the experts to ensure your company’s email is secure and functional.


Business Services

  • VPN
    • Want the ability to securely access your businesses network remotely? Have teleworking employees that need to access protected company data and files? Confident Cyber Tech Solutions can provide the best VPN solution for your business. Depending on the demand requirements, CCTS may be able to utilize pre-existing hardware to limit the out-of-pocket cost.


  • VOIP Phone Setup
    • Tired of being tied to the phone on your desk? CCTS can provide VOIP solutions that travel with you.
    • With new VOIP technology, Confident Cyber Tech Solutions can provide a tailored solution to fit your businesses need. From hard lined desktop phones to soft phones on your computer or cell phone, CCTS can build a system for you.


  • Collaboration Tools
    • Having issues keeping in touch with remote employees? Need ways to collaborate on multi-business projects?
    • Confident Cyber Tech Solutions is knowledgeable with sever different collaboration platforms. Whether its for marketing or source code sharing we can find the perfect solution that fits your needs. Once we find the solution for you, CCTS will continue to work with you and make sure that it is kept up to date and functional. The technicians here at CCTS are flexible and want to ensure our customers are always satisfied!


Cloud Backup & Recovery

  • Confident Cyber Tech Solutions provides a comprehensive cloud backup and recovery solution to ensure your data is never at risk of being lost or corrupted! Contact us today to build the best solution for your needs!

Hardware Services

  • CCTS provides several different hardware services to meet the needs of our customers. From Hardware as a service (HaaS) to cable installation, CCTS can meet your needs!


  • Hardware as a Service (HaaS) – Eliminate the upfront costs to purchase new equipment to replace your old computer systems. CCTS can provide updated and efficient computer systems to ensure your business can keep on going and stay on top of the technology boom. 


  • Having issues with your wireless network? CCTS can provide an updated wireless network to your business at low costs. To lower costs for small businesses hardware can either be rented or purchased with the installation.


  • Moving into a new office or remodeling? CCTS can help you get back in business quickly. We provide cabling and wiring services to keep your businesses downtime to a minimum.


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